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Obelisk (original plaster),
1983 (large)
Bronze, indigo patina;
stainless steel eye
7 x 4 x 3 feet
Thoughts - Writings by Strong-Cuevas

Excerpted from a lecture given at the Bruce Museum of Art, Connecticut in 1985.

With telescope eyes looking out to the universe, my work suggests space exploration, while the heads with double or more profiles suggest the complementarity of opposites, of psychological divisions, united in the unity of consciousness. Communication through space and time is what I seek to express, linking the ideas of the past with those of the future. The human face is the symbol I use. Exploring forms to meet the idea, I find I have discovered all kinds of shapes, even a head that looks like a body, viz. "Running Head." A face can be a universe. My media are bronze, aluminum and steel.


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